Grapes and community

Grapes range of lanterns offers the latest available light sources for community zones which deliver maximum impact together with the greatest economy
Research conducted during the 1990s demonstrated that criminals consider potential levels of security and location features, including escape routes and visibility, when assessing the risk of being caught. It is generally accepted that good quality lighting does have a positive impact on the rate of crime and this is enhanced by the use of white light (full spectrum) sources.
By providing superior colour rendering and enhanced uniformity, full spectrum light sources have a significant role to play, particularly when introduced into relatively poorly lit residential housing areas.
Grapes range of luminaires offers the latest available light sources which deliver maximum impact together with the greatest economy.

LEDs inspire you

Grapes offers innovative LED lighting solutions with an added value, not only from the point of view of functionality, costs and efficiency, but also focused on product design and aesthetics.Observing and complying with the latest quality controls and the mostdemanding certifications, our objective is to offer the best LED solution for a lighting project with the best lighting performance, the largest energy saving and corresponding reduction of the harmful CO2 emissions and most attractive design that fits every public space.
REVOLED™ is our own LED technology that we only implement in our new integrated LED luminaires by an integral sealed-for-life concept.
RETROLED™ is used in existing luminaires where we incorporate a LED-engine or offer a retrofit kit solution.
Both technologies contain:
• High-power quality LED's that produces the most efficient, uniform and comfortable white light with superb colour rendering that improves the visibility.
• DIRECTA™ lenses for high optical efficiency and accuracy. DIRECTA™ is lens and LED together integrated in the housing with no additional cover required. The result is high luminaire efficiency up to 95%. That's 10 to 25% more efficient than conventional lighting solutions. DIRECTA™ also allows you to direct the very small LEDs with extreme accuracy, ensuring the best and most efficient lighting solution
In the case of REVOLED™ we have an additional important feature:
COO-LED™ for an increased life time of the LED's. COO-LED™ delivers superior temperature control by combining low-current LED's with a large cooling surface. COO-LED™ ensures the highest LED efficiency, but also provides an extremely long system life time.
With REVOLED™ you have the highest performance and highest energy and CO2savings up to 60% versus conventional lighting sources.

Light pollution

Light spillage and light pollution are extremely important issues, not only for the exterior lighting industry but also increasingly in the public domain.
As a company focused on, and specialising in exterior lighting, Grapes has long recognised its responsibility in achieving absolute precision in the design of optical systems and luminaires to ensure light pollution, glare, obstrusive light and light spillage are minimised.
We strongly support the issue of light trespass. Recent innovations such as the LED DIRECTA lens system, used in our new designed LED luminaires, like Stela, Element LED and T-Line, enables far greater control of the light source virtually eliminating such problems.

White light

Grapes ranges of functional and urban lanterns are purposely designed to accept the new white light sources
It has long been known that the eye responds better to white light than to more monochromatic, neutral sources. This is one of many reasons why white light schemes are growing in popularity.
An important factor is that better lit environments are likely to improve personal security and the fear of crime. The introduction of white light sources is making a positive contribution to this issue.
Grapes lighting solutions are purposely designed to accept the new white light sources, which makes them the obvious choice where white light is a key requirement.