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Grapes commitment to customers and service partners extends far beyond delivery of high quality products. Grapes has pledged to improve the environment in terms of reducing CO2 emissions and the fear of crime, improving safety and the appearance of landscapes, and lowering energy consumption.
Grapes works with communities to support and enhance the quality of life for individuals.
• Installation guides
• Grapes LED Warranty Plan
• Lighting design consultancy
• Private Finance Investment (PFI), Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and lighting
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Installation guides

Lighting services - Document explain the correct set up, programming and maintenance. The installation guide of lighting products also explains the product warranty and the course of action in the unlikely event of any encountered problem
Every Grapes lighting product is supplied with a comprehensive installation guide.
The document advises on the recommended route for installation, programming and maintenance. The installation guide also explains the product warranty and the course of action in the unlikely event of any encountered problem.
You can also contact your nearest Grapes sales representative or office should you require assistance or more detailed information.
The installation guides of products will be available for download in the near future.

Grapes LED Warranty Plan

Thanks to our REVOLED™ technology, we can maximize the cooling of LEDs and offer optimal thermal management resulting in a guaranteed long life time of the LED luminaire.
As a result Grapes offers a special LED Warranty Plan for their LED luminaire range to limit the risks of higher investments as LED lighting is still a fairly new technology with few large practical examples available.
Apart from the general conditions on product warranty written in the Grapes general sales conditions, we qualified the Grapes LED luminaires into different warranty classes depending on their performances. For a further description of these warranty classes and LED Warranty Plan please download the Warranty Plan explanation and the list with corresponding luminaires.

• LED Warranty Plan - Conditions
• LED Warranty Plan - Product Classification list 120713

Lighting design consultancy

Grapes, specialist in outdoor and indoor lighting. We offer our customers a professional team of lighting designers.
As a specialist in outdoor and indoor lighting, we offer our customers more than just the delivery of reliable and professional luminaires. Our focus and the services we provide have enabled us to build an excellent relationship with the market. Our team of lighting designers play an essential role in this.
The service consists of two different levels. The first level is our basic service that we offer in providing Light Technical Advice for our customers.
Based on the profile (lighting scheme) you supply - such as a drawing of a infrastructural project (motorway, tunnel, inter urban roads), residential area, underpass, parking area, city centre or even a greenhouse - our lighting specialists can present you a customised lighting plan by using a lighting calculation software. All your requirements will be taken into account and translated in a perfect lighting performance solution, including luminaire, light source, column distance and positioning and lighting class and most efficient energy consumption. In compiling their lighting calculation for public lighting, our specialist comply with the local applicable guidelines or standards prescribed by the National Commission for Public Lighting.
On special customer's request, our lighting specialists can also provide independent consultancy on lighting plans drawn up by customers themselves or by third parties.

Customized lighting design presentation

The more extended service is a complete customised lighting design presentation with a light technical advice, more detailed product information, but also including 2D or 3D simulations of the lighting project. This gives the customer a real look and feel about the final result of the lighting project. Normally this extended service is offered for indoor lighting projects or urban beautification projects in cities (such as urban area development or architectural lighting of buildings and monuments).
For more information, please contact our local Grapes sales organisation.

Private Finance Investment (PFI), Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and lighting

Lighting services - Grapes offers its customers a Financial leasing services, looking into its lighting projects and servicing client needs on lighting projects involving Private Finance (PFI) and Public Private Partnerships

Private finance for lighting initiatives

Grapes has acquired a first class reputation in servicing client needs on projects involving Private Finance Investment (PFI) and Public Private Partnerships (PPP).
We have undertaken photometric modelling, total cost of ownership modelling and return on investment calculations to support organisations tendering for such contracts to enable best fit lighting solutions to be identified and proposed.
As is often the case for such projects, the need to balance capital cost, energy efficiency, maintenance cost and financial returns have to be considered against the technical performance requirements of the lighting solution. This is an area where Grapes has amassed considerable expertise.
Grapes has an impressive track record for winning such projects when pitched against other world class suppliers. This is a testament to our ability to find or develop the most suitable lighting solutions and prove cost effectiveness. Over the past five years Grapes success in winning and delivering solutions is second to none.
Many projects have been completed on time and within budget while maintaining an uninterrupted supply. Many more are underway, including the Birmingham Highways and Maintenance Contract which involves private finance, where Grapes has become the world's first lighting provider to deliver a total LED solution. This installation will be rolled out across the City during the next five years. Under such projects, Grapes has seen more than half a million lighting points installed in the UK alone.
Private contractors involved in such projects include international providers who have themselves become known for delivering first class service and who demand the best performance, quality and value from their suppliers. The fact that Grapes are trusted by such organisations to provide mass scale lighting solutions is perhaps the best endorsement any business can provide and we are proud of this significant achievement.

Lighting software download

Lighting services - Grapes offers different direct entries to lighting projects applications - Indalwin, Dialux, Lighting Reality, Eulumdat When preparing a lighting plan you have to deal with all kinds of requirements.
The photometric footprint is precise and the control of light spill, light pollution, obstrusive light and glare are not ignored in achieving uniform lighting of typical road geometries.
Spacing performance is deliberately designed to suit most existing installations where replacement on a point for point basis is proposed.
To support your lighting projects Grapes offers different lighting software plug-ins, where you can calculate with our products and allow you to produce professional light planing schemes. We regularly update these softwares with new products.

The following lighting software programs can be downloaded with Grapes photometric data files:
• Indalwin
• Dialux
• Lighting Reality
• Eulumdat

A variety of different products are available in each country. We advise you to visit the relevant downloads page for your country for a full inventory.